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Science need to be an open-source thing.

You can`t be the best if you learn from average.

The best is surrounded by the best.

Thus are projects witch I found AMAZING!!!

DIY tent; Ballistic Gel; Solar Haven

_____ MarineGlossary ___

_______ diy sailboat builders __________

tikit 26   ;   xxx    ;    forum   ;   xxx   ;   xxx    ;    xxx   ;   xxx   ;   xxx   ;   xxx   ;



supercruiser harman fram ozonline lydiusmarius sayerdesign seattle-f22 f22bymenno rebelcat Fishing boat construction dandwboatworks L-7  digitalvagabond f-22 plans_for  rclandsailing vonwentzel



—– Ragets and Races ——

Gilles Martin Raget   Volvo Ocean Race voile-multicoques.wifeVOLVO eXtreme40

_____ around the world travelers ________

two realy CRAZY guy`s!!

Diny’s World Travels — The Mariner`s TRIMARAN

________________________off topic links______________________________

Latvijas Ķīmija westsystem RayMarine hydrive Steering&Rudders DragonFly boatbits junkraft neversealand amateurboatbuilding hull.makeforum woodenboat hydroptere Worlds Best Trimarans Deborahlloyd Sailinganarchy FINFISH Report Seawayblog Analyzis Software velocitek GPS LED kit monofoil  Mike Horn Voltaire seemikedraw sailequipment aerohydro stevensm foils 


_______ waiting list ____

harryproa harryproa tiki38 the fastest proboat National Marine Manufacturers Association browniedive



Polymer Chemistry Hypertext provides an overview to the information included in a second semester polymer science course. The hyperlinking of the concepts allows the student to quickly obtain an overview of the concepts.


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June 12, 2008 at 10:51 pm

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