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My choice – film camera

Digital camera isn`t for me. I can`t watch those terrible looking uncolored pictures witch came from my nikon digital camera. I love warm colors witch I can get from fuji velvia. I`m not a photojournalist who need super fast shooter and 9 frames per second and other miracles and that`s way I want a film camera.


I wish I could get Mamiya 6 film camera. At the moment this is what I want, and think that this is the coolest camera for me now. I didn`t care about flash sync speed or other miracles witch i don`t need at all. This is all about a feeling and passion of photography. The trouble begins where happiness ends. There isn`t any piece of Mamiya 6 in 😦  and this is very sad 😦 

At the time there is another choices: Mamiya 6 MF, Mamiya 7, Mamiya 7 II.

Mamiya 7II (~1150$ used or GBP 330 used)Optional Lenses:
Ultra Wide Angle: 43mm f/4.5 (~2500$ used) w/shoe mount optical viewfinder and 50mm f/4.5 (~550$ used) w/shoe mount optical viewfinder
Wide Angle: 65mm f/4 (~970$ used)
Short Telephoto: 150mm f/4.5 (~1100$ used) – all rangefinder coupled.
New Lens: 
Telephoto: 210mm f/8 (~1280$ used) – This lens is NOT rangefinder coupled. It is intended for use in aerial photography
6 x 7cm (56 x 69.5mm with 120/220 roll film)
Optional interchangeable panoramic insert mask (24 x 65mm with 35mm roll film)


Another favorite of mine is Hasselblad X=Pan 35mm film camera (~1400$ whitout delivery). very expensive.

Small, very good looking and high quality camera!! Amazing piece. Maybe I can sell my kidney 🙂 and buy one of these. 



If I had an bottle with Aladin inside it, then I would ask Aladin for two things: Mamiya 7II and Hasselblad X-Pan with full range of lenses 🙂 that`s it.


Written by sigmaist

July 30, 2008 at 11:59 am

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