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Raft + Ocean = is it possible?

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The last time when I was in library was 5 months ago. This time I searched for some adventure books. I`m tired of philosophy and other “smart-ass” stuff. The life is all about fun and adventures.

20 min after I entered library I left it with 3 adventure book`s in my hand. The first one was Adventure with KON-TIKI, another one was “With “Joy” over silent Ocean” and the last one was “Charles Darwin – Adventure circumnavigating world on ship “Beagle” “.

   Off-course I started with Kon-Tiki because this was wrote in Latvian language 🙂 7 hours later I finished this amazing book!! Small, easy to read, interesting and original book. If you have nothing to do than just grab this book and READ IT!! Robinson Cruz compared to this book is a dog`s shit, believe me.

True story – year 1947. Book is about 6 guy`s who sailed on – raft called “Kon-Tiki” – in South Pacific Ocean from Peru to Tahiti = 4 380 miles to prove the theory – that Polynesians is from America – to prove that this is possible to sail from America to this islands on raft. And they did it. Can you believe in it?:) incredible.

You can read lil`bit more info in wikipedia about this crazy adventure.


In year 1959 Czech-American composer, photographer, conductor and adventurer Eduard Ingriš repeated with second try Kon_tiki voyage on raft – “Kantuta II”.

Year 2006. Only 59 years after Kon-Tiki voyage (year 1947) another 6 young guys did it again only this time they called his raft “Tangaroa”. One of the “Tangaora” crew members was a grandchild of Kon-Tiki crew. 


Ok, that`s it. I have 2 books left and in this time they both are in russian language. Wish me a good luck:)




William Willis – He made his first voyage at age 61.

Polynesian navigation


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August 6, 2008 at 9:40 am

My choice – film camera

Digital camera isn`t for me. I can`t watch those terrible looking uncolored pictures witch came from my nikon digital camera. I love warm colors witch I can get from fuji velvia. I`m not a photojournalist who need super fast shooter and 9 frames per second and other miracles and that`s way I want a film camera.


I wish I could get Mamiya 6 film camera. At the moment this is what I want, and think that this is the coolest camera for me now. I didn`t care about flash sync speed or other miracles witch i don`t need at all. This is all about a feeling and passion of photography. The trouble begins where happiness ends. There isn`t any piece of Mamiya 6 in 😦  and this is very sad 😦 

At the time there is another choices: Mamiya 6 MF, Mamiya 7, Mamiya 7 II.

Mamiya 7II (~1150$ used or GBP 330 used)Optional Lenses:
Ultra Wide Angle: 43mm f/4.5 (~2500$ used) w/shoe mount optical viewfinder and 50mm f/4.5 (~550$ used) w/shoe mount optical viewfinder
Wide Angle: 65mm f/4 (~970$ used)
Short Telephoto: 150mm f/4.5 (~1100$ used) – all rangefinder coupled.
New Lens: 
Telephoto: 210mm f/8 (~1280$ used) – This lens is NOT rangefinder coupled. It is intended for use in aerial photography
6 x 7cm (56 x 69.5mm with 120/220 roll film)
Optional interchangeable panoramic insert mask (24 x 65mm with 35mm roll film)


Another favorite of mine is Hasselblad X=Pan 35mm film camera (~1400$ whitout delivery). very expensive.

Small, very good looking and high quality camera!! Amazing piece. Maybe I can sell my kidney 🙂 and buy one of these. 



If I had an bottle with Aladin inside it, then I would ask Aladin for two things: Mamiya 7II and Hasselblad X-Pan with full range of lenses 🙂 that`s it.

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July 30, 2008 at 11:59 am

Ray Kendrick building his trimaran.

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As time goes I had found many fantastic sailboat project web pages and I would like to introduce them for you. This is awesome when man can make his dream come thru, and this time the dream is hand-build sailboat. I hadn`t watch if there any sailboat projects on youtube yet, this will be the next step for me:)

I will start with my favorites, of course.

Ray Kendrick building his folding trimaran SCARAB 22

epoxy, 1/2″ corecellfiberglass, carbon fibre, resin Infusion:

The layup is as follows: 1-release plastic film, 2-peel ply, 3-LT400 glass, 4-perforated corecell, 5-LT400 glass, 6-peel ply, 7-perforated plastic film, 8-breather felt, 9-vinyl vacuum bag.

LenghtOverAll: 6.775m (22' 4.5 ")
BeamOverAll: 5.63m (18'5.5"), (folded 2.5m (8' 2.5")) Scarab 22
Beam folded: 2.5m (8' 2.5")
Draft: 275mm (0' 11"), 1.215m (4' 0")
Displacement to DWL: 900kg (1980#)
Weight width foam: 420Kg
stars *****

Building time: 3 years [march 2004 – 2007 july]


I would say that he is one of the best self-job describers out there:) I just love to watch pictures and read his easy-readable job explaning texts. Enjoy!!

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June 22, 2008 at 1:09 pm

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Melnbaltās filmas kopēšana uz fotopapīra

Attīstītāja vanna ( fotogrāfiju attīsta apm 2min)

Paņem 1l destilēta ūdens

1) Atlej 1/3l tīrā traukā.

2) pievieno 1gr metola

3) pirms jaukšanas pievieno nedaudz nātrija sulfātu

4) Pielej vēl 1/3 l ūdens

5) pievieno 22gr. nātrija sultāta

6) pievieno 4fr. hidrohinons

7) pievieno 22gr. bezūdens sodas

8) pievieno 1gr. bromkālija

9) pievieno šķipsniņu benzotriozol`u (vecam papīram, lai viņš nebūtu pelēks)

Stop vanna

1l ūdens pielej klāt etiķi (70%)

Fiksāžas vanna (Attēlu fiksē apm, 15min)

1/2 fiksāžas uz l ūdens

Skalošanas vanna

Ieteicamais skalošanas ilgums (100 gadiem) 45min tekošā ūdenī, pēc tik ilgas skalošanas attēla attīstīšanai izmantotā ķīmija vairs nav nosakāma.

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May 8, 2008 at 10:52 am

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Sigma SD9 v.s Sigma SD10 v.s Sigma SD14

*********** SD9 ***************** SD10 **************** SD14 ******

Sigma SD9 v.s. Sigma SD10 v.s. SigmsSD14

Sigma SD9 v.s. Sigma SD10 v.s. SigmsSD14

Sigma SD9 v.s. Sigma SD10 v.s. SigmsSD14

Sigma SD9 v.s. Sigma SD10 v.s. SigmsSD14

Sigma SD9 v.s. Sigma SD10 v.s. SigmsSD14
Sigma SD9 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14

Sigma SD9 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14

Sigma SD9 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14

Sigma SD9 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14

Sigma SD9 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14

Sigma SD9 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14

Sigma SD9 Sigma SD10 Sigma SD14 chart

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April 21, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Daži fakti par KenRockwell (com)

Ken Rockwell Facts

Contributed by liem, Epic|, Fufie, michel_v, neom, Wintre, Bas|k, lament, mattsteg__ and pal.

  • Ken Rockwell is the Chuck Norris of photography.
  • Ken Rockwell isn’t the Chuck Norris of photography; Chuck Norris is the Ken Rockwell of martial arts.
  • Ken Rockwell’s camera has similar settings to ours, except his are: P[erfect] Av[Awesome Priority Tv[Totally Awesome Priority] M[ajestic].
  • The term tripod was coined after his silhouette
  • Ken Rockwell doesn’t color correct. He adjusts your world to match his.
  • Ken Rockwell never flips his camera in portrait position, he flips the earth
  • Ken Rockwell doesn’t adjust his DOF, he changes space-time.
  • When Ken Rockwell went digital, National Geographic nearly went out of business because he was no longer phyically discarding photos
  • For every 10 shots that Ken Rockwell takes, 11 are keepers.
  • Ken Rockwell’s digital files consist of 0’s, 1’s AND 2’s.
  • Ken Rockwell never focus, everything moves into his DoF
  • Rockwellian policy isn’t doublethink – Ken doesn’t even need to think once
  • Only Ken Rockwell can take pictures of Ken Rockwell; everyone else would just get their film overexposed by the light of his genius
  • Ken Rockwell wanted something to distract the lesser photographers, and lo, there were ducks.
  • Ken Rockwell’s nudes were fully clothed at the time of exposure
  • When Ken unpacks his CF card, it already has masterpieces on it.
  • Ken Rockwell never starts, he continues
  • Circle of confusion? You might be confused. Ken Rockwell never is.
  • Ken Rockwell doesn’t wait for the light when he shoots a landscape – the light waits for him.
  • Sure, Ken Rockwell deletes a bad photo or two. Other people call these Pulitzers.
  • Ken Rockwell ordered an L-lens from Nikon, and got one.
  • Ken Rockwell is the only person to have photographed Jesus; unfortunately he ran out of film and had to use a piece of cloth instead.
  • When Ken Rockwell brackets a shot, the three versions of the photo win first place in three different categories
  • Before Nikon or Canon releases a camera they go to Ken and they ask him to test them, the best cameras get a Nikon sticker and the less good get a Canon sticker
  • Once Ken tested a camera, he said I cant even put Canon on this one,thats how Pentax was born
  • Ken Rockwell doesn’t use flash ever since the Nagasaki incident.
  • Ken Rockwell is the only one who can take self-portraits of you
  • Ken Rockwell once designed a zoom lens. You know it as the Hubble SpaceTelescope.
  • Rockwell portraits are so lifelike, they have to pay taxes
  • On Ken Rockwell’s desktop, the Trash Icon is really a link to National Geographic Magazine
  • Ken Rockwell spells point-and-shoot “h-a-s-s-e-l-b-l-a-d”
  • Ken Rockwell’s shots are so perfect, Adobe redesigned photoshop for him: all it consists of is a close button.
  • Ken Rockwell never produces awful work, only work too advanced for the viewer
  • A certain braind of hig-end cameras was named after people noticed the quality was a lot “like a” rockwell

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April 21, 2008 at 10:35 am

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nedaudz Sigma`s vēstures

Līdz šim mirklim Sigma ir laidusi klajā četrus digitālos fotoaparātus, un tie būtu:

2002.gads – Sigma SD9
2004.gads – Sigma SD10
2006.gads – Sigma SD14
2007.gads – Sigma DP1

Ik pa divi gadi tiek atjaunota SD sērija, kurā nu jau ir 3 fotoaparāti. Katrs nākamais aparāts ir iepriekšējā turpinājums, respektīvi, katrs nākamais fotoaparāts tiek taisīts uz iepriekšējā modeļa bāzes, kam tiek izlabotas visas kļūdas un tiek nomainītas visas morāli novecojušās detaļas pret jaunām, kā, piemēru, varu minēt matricas maiņu. Sigma`i nav viena top klases kamera, kā Nikon`am D3 vai kā Canon`am Mark sērija, viena vidējā klase, kā Nikon`am D300 vai Canon`am 40D, un zemākās klases, kā tas ir Nikon`am D40, D60 vai Canonam Rebel sērija (300, 350, 400, 450). Šī stratēģija tad arī ir tā, kas mani saista SIGMA fotoaparātos, tiek uzturēts viens modelis kuram tad arī tiek pievērsta visa ražotāja uzmanība, nevis kā tas ir, piemēram, ar Canon`iem vai Nikon`am kur paši ražotāji diezin vai uzreiz spēs nosaukt visu izlaisto digitālo fotoaparātu modeļu skaitu.  



Aizkulisēs pāris ļaudis runā par to, ka 2008.gada 8. septembrī Vācijā notiekošajā vispasaules foto izstādē – Photokina show, ļaudīm tiks parādīts jaunais Sigma SD15 modelis, kurš tieši tā pat kā visi iepriekšējie modeļi būs aprīkots ar FOVEON ® X3TMTechnology matricu, kas radikāli atšķiras no Bayer matricām, par abu matricu atšķirībām var izlasīt, piemēram, šeit.Pasaulē kopā ir mazāk kā 10 foto ierīces kuras ir aprīkotas

FOVEON ® X3TM matricu, no kurām 4 ir Sigma`s. Interesanti, ka SD14 jaunāko brāli/māsu DP1, kas ir ziepjutrauka tipa fotoaparāts salīdzina ar Pro klases spogulenēm, piemēram, 5D. )

Seit salīdzina Sigma DP1 ar Canon 5D
Šeit salīdzina Sigma SD14 ar Canon 5D

Šeit salīdzina Sigma SD14 ar FujiFIlm S5 Pro. Un vis beidzot šeit var aplūkot pilnīgi visu SIGMA produkciju. Nospiežot uz konkrētā fotoaparāta vai objektīva var uzmest aci arī uz bildēm kuras ir iespējams ar konkrēto verķi noķert.

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April 20, 2008 at 12:46 am