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Ray Kendrick building his trimaran.

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As time goes I had found many fantastic sailboat project web pages and I would like to introduce them for you. This is awesome when man can make his dream come thru, and this time the dream is hand-build sailboat. I hadn`t watch if there any sailboat projects on youtube yet, this will be the next step for me:)

I will start with my favorites, of course.

Ray Kendrick building his folding trimaran SCARAB 22

epoxy, 1/2″ corecellfiberglass, carbon fibre, resin Infusion:

The layup is as follows: 1-release plastic film, 2-peel ply, 3-LT400 glass, 4-perforated corecell, 5-LT400 glass, 6-peel ply, 7-perforated plastic film, 8-breather felt, 9-vinyl vacuum bag.

LenghtOverAll: 6.775m (22' 4.5 ")
BeamOverAll: 5.63m (18'5.5"), (folded 2.5m (8' 2.5")) Scarab 22
Beam folded: 2.5m (8' 2.5")
Draft: 275mm (0' 11"), 1.215m (4' 0")
Displacement to DWL: 900kg (1980#)
Weight width foam: 420Kg
stars *****

Building time: 3 years [march 2004 – 2007 july]


I would say that he is one of the best self-job describers out there:) I just love to watch pictures and read his easy-readable job explaning texts. Enjoy!!


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DIY – uncomplete

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Science need to be an open-source thing.

You can`t be the best if you learn from average.

The best is surrounded by the best.

Thus are projects witch I found AMAZING!!!

DIY tent; Ballistic Gel; Solar Haven

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two realy CRAZY guy`s!!

Diny’s World Travels — The Mariner`s TRIMARAN

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Polymer Chemistry Hypertext provides an overview to the information included in a second semester polymer science course. The hyperlinking of the concepts allows the student to quickly obtain an overview of the concepts.

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Photographers /my favorites [41] / – uncomplete

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PinHole cameras and DIY photopaper and diy photo emulsion/ – uncomplete

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Canon lense list not full

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Melnbaltās filmas kopēšana uz fotopapīra

Attīstītāja vanna ( fotogrāfiju attīsta apm 2min)

Paņem 1l destilēta ūdens

1) Atlej 1/3l tīrā traukā.

2) pievieno 1gr metola

3) pirms jaukšanas pievieno nedaudz nātrija sulfātu

4) Pielej vēl 1/3 l ūdens

5) pievieno 22gr. nātrija sultāta

6) pievieno 4fr. hidrohinons

7) pievieno 22gr. bezūdens sodas

8) pievieno 1gr. bromkālija

9) pievieno šķipsniņu benzotriozol`u (vecam papīram, lai viņš nebūtu pelēks)

Stop vanna

1l ūdens pielej klāt etiķi (70%)

Fiksāžas vanna (Attēlu fiksē apm, 15min)

1/2 fiksāžas uz l ūdens

Skalošanas vanna

Ieteicamais skalošanas ilgums (100 gadiem) 45min tekošā ūdenī, pēc tik ilgas skalošanas attēla attīstīšanai izmantotā ķīmija vairs nav nosakāma.

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Stop motion – uncomplete

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