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Raft + Ocean = is it possible?

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The last time when I was in library was 5 months ago. This time I searched for some adventure books. I`m tired of philosophy and other “smart-ass” stuff. The life is all about fun and adventures.

20 min after I entered library I left it with 3 adventure book`s in my hand. The first one was Adventure with KON-TIKI, another one was “With “Joy” over silent Ocean” and the last one was “Charles Darwin – Adventure circumnavigating world on ship “Beagle” “.

   Off-course I started with Kon-Tiki because this was wrote in Latvian language 🙂 7 hours later I finished this amazing book!! Small, easy to read, interesting and original book. If you have nothing to do than just grab this book and READ IT!! Robinson Cruz compared to this book is a dog`s shit, believe me.

True story – year 1947. Book is about 6 guy`s who sailed on – raft called “Kon-Tiki” – in South Pacific Ocean from Peru to Tahiti = 4 380 miles to prove the theory – that Polynesians is from America – to prove that this is possible to sail from America to this islands on raft. And they did it. Can you believe in it?:) incredible.

You can read lil`bit more info in wikipedia about this crazy adventure.


In year 1959 Czech-American composer, photographer, conductor and adventurer Eduard Ingriš repeated with second try Kon_tiki voyage on raft – “Kantuta II”.

Year 2006. Only 59 years after Kon-Tiki voyage (year 1947) another 6 young guys did it again only this time they called his raft “Tangaroa”. One of the “Tangaora” crew members was a grandchild of Kon-Tiki crew. 


Ok, that`s it. I have 2 books left and in this time they both are in russian language. Wish me a good luck:)




William Willis – He made his first voyage at age 61.

Polynesian navigation


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August 6, 2008 at 9:40 am